Instructions for Online Employee Recruitment



Dear Applicant,

We recommend that you apply for any job post with a laptop or PC for the best experience. But If you choose to apply through a mobile device, you may not be able to upload your picture, but you can still proceed with the application. Don’t worry, we will receive your application successfully.

If you face any difficulties during the application process, please contact us by writing an email to hr@gveisrinagar.com or by sending a WhatsApp message to 6006-33-52-33. We are here to help you!

Review the job description and requirements carefully before submitting your application. Fill in your information carefully and submit your resume and mandatory details which are asked for on the online application portal.

If you fulfill the qualifications, you will be contacted for an initial interview.

Following the initial interview, selected candidates will be invited for further interviews and assessments.

Upon successful completion of the interview process, an offer of employment will be made.

The salary for the right candidate is negotiable based on experience and qualifications.

Employee Benefits at GVEI



Casual Leaves: Teachers are entitled to 10 casual leaves per academic year, which means they can take a leave of absence once a month.

Leave Salary Benefit: Cash payment for leave salary will be provided to individuals who have not taken any leaves throughout the academic session.

Insurance Coverage: May Allah protect you always, Teachers are eligible for insurance coverage of up to 5 lakhs for Road Accidents and 30 lakhs for airborne accidents. This insurance policy protects teachers in case of unexpected events, such as accidents. (Conditions apply)

EPF (Employees Provident Fund) Scheme: Teachers are eligible for the Employees Provident Fund Scheme, which is in accordance with the Government norms. This scheme provides a retirement fund for teachers, helping them to secure their financial future. (T&C)

Banking Benefits: All employees will receive Debit cards, checkbooks, and credit cards with no service charges on banking.

CPD Certification and Other Benefits include



– Opportunity to work with a diverse and collaborative team.

– Ongoing professional development and training opportunities.

– Supportive and inclusive work environment.

– Opportunities for career growth and advancement.

– Access to company perks such as CPD programs, employee growth training, Certifications, and many more.


In conclusion, these benefits demonstrate a commitment to supporting and valuing teachers, which is crucial in retaining you as the best talent in the education sector of Green Valley.


In case of any technical difficulty please contact Mr. Younus Beigh at WhatsApp# 6006-33-52-33.


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