Recruitment – 2024


Instructions and Requirements for Job Applicants



1. Submit your application for a single position only.
2. Ensure that your Academic Qualifications align with the specified requirements for each post.
3. Possess a valid teaching certificate, as required.
4. Have relevant experience in accordance with the details provided in the advertisement.
5. Demonstrate good CRM (Classroom Management) and Planning skills.
6. Be proficient in the usage of the latest electronic gadgets and technology.
7. Exhibit strong communication skills.


For any technical assistance during the recruitment process, please contact Mr. Younus Beigh via WhatsApp at +91 6006-33-52-33. Inquiries related to the posted positions can be directed to Ms. Arjumand Noor, our HR Head, at +91 88031 92332.
Additionally, you may reach out to us via email at for HR-related queries and for general information.

Best Regards,
Recruitment Team
Green Valley Educational Institute