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3-day art workshop inspires young artists at GVEI Srinagar

The Green Valley Educational Institute (GVEI) on Wednesday concluded a three-day Art Workshop that ignited the creative flames in the hearts of young and aspiring artists. The event was organized by the Department of Fine Arts of GVEI which showcased an array of artistic talent and featured renowned art instructors as resource persons. Showkat Kathjoo and Naushaad Gayoo, Art instructor in Painting and , Art Instructor in Applied Art at the Department of Music and Fine Arts, University of Kashmir were the resource persons for the three-day event. The workshop attracted a talented group of young artists, including Faheem Fatima, Badr ul Nisa, Peer Aysha Jahangir, Huzaifa Rouf, Sehreen Farooq Mir, Saroosh, and Afifa Makhdoomi, all of them are alumni of GVEI.

Throughout the three-day duration, these budding artists, in collaboration with the resource persons, produced an astonishing 25 paintings. Their work encompassed various artistic techniques, including brush paintings, knife paintings, matka art, and quilling art, creating a diverse portfolio of artistry.

One of the remarkable highlights of the workshop was a live calligraphy demonstration by the distinguished Calligrapher Saleh AL Najari. His masterful skills captivated the students as they delved into the enchanting world of calligraphy, learning the intricacies of this ancient art form.

The management of Green Valley Educational Institute intends to provide many such platforms to the young artists of the valley so that they can learn and explore the diversity of the art and craft.

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